Ranking your affiliate site with SEO experience.

How to get displays of your web pages or YouTube videos in searches.

SEO is an abreviation meaning, Search Engine Optimization. Has any one ever told you this before? May be yes!, may be no! I am also not sure but what I know is, you have ever heard this word ‘SEO’ being mentioned somewhere may be in a piece of writing or as just spoken. The (mother board) to all those heavily trafficked websites in the world is this animal called SEO. I don’t know whether there is another in Mars I haven’t researched about it lately. So, let me ask;-Have you ever thought of your affiliate website being ranked by search engines? If yes, how do you want it done? Could it be through automated ads? Not a bad idea either but you would spend much because for how long will you be running adds for your site? It could even get you into trouble when you used feck advertising companions who only drive artificial traffic instead of organic traffic. Here is the thing-you can grow and get your web ranked by search engines using some other technique-SEO

Understanding search engines (SE), how they work and what to do with them.

Search engines are also called web search engines or web crowlers. They are softwares designed to search or crawl the web to gather information ie web pages. The examples of search engines below will help us understand better what they are; Google,Yandex,Bing,Baidu and Yahoo. There are quite a number of (SE) types and they all do one thing that is;- ranking websites.        

Let’s see how search engines work- When a website is ranked, it means increased traffic for it. Just like a book has pages, websites also contain pages and the information in those pages is what search engines crawl for. So, when search engines find a page from your website, it will be stored together with it’s content for indexing,sent to web servers that make it available to web browsers like Google chrome, Mozila Firefox etc.   When it’s indexed, it will then be displayed in searches for people to find your information . Indexing may not be automatic if your website isn’t having quality content. Search engines index your web pages through short phrases known as key words.   Without these, it may take you years to get ranked by Google, bing or any other search engine. Key words are phrases or words that searchers enter in to search engines to find your pages.

Now you have known the the secret of keywords so what next? Apply the use of keywords in your website. First, to begin using key words, you have to research about your competitors who’s content is related to yours. Find out what key words they are using on their sites. This is where we will get to know ranked keywords and low unrunked keywords. It is important to have both high and low key words in your website and I will tell you why?

Take for instance, you have just build a new website or have one that has existed for many years and has been using keywords but has not been ranked yet by any of the search engines, it could be because the keywords used are improper for it or the key words are highly ranked. When ranked keywords are used in your website,your website will be directly competing with ranked site using the same keyword. Highly ranked keywords have many results to show when searched in search engines. The screen below show an example of a highly ranked keyword

Now, the reason why your website will not be ranked is; those highly ranked websites have used that particular keyword before and their pages are ranked with that keyword so it is difficult for the engines to replace those sites with yours which does not have more of the keyword content. So, before you choose to use a certain keyword,you should always measure it’s ranking in such a way that if it has a few results of about 5000 or below,you may use it with no doubt.

Using ranked keywords alone may let your website to be buried down by ranked websites because they will all be using the same phrase/ keyword. Low-keywords are more recemmended because they are unique to the search engines this means high chances of being indexed which will result to good ranking but they may also take some time. It is advisable to use both high and low keywords to be sure of consistency. Your site will be in an intermediate state of ranking which is not bad. An example of a low keyword is shown below.

You will also have to carry out a thorough research for keywords that you will be using in you website time after time. Keywords can be ranked for many years as long as your website is active. At least twenty(20) keywords per post make a reasonable keyword usage.

13 thoughts on “Ranking your affiliate site with SEO experience.

  1. Awesome article thanks for sharing! I am really into SEO stuff. Would you consider me writing a guest post for your blog? Please let me know, I am also open to link exchange.

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    • Hi, Rising star!
      First I want to apologise for my late response to your comment and secondly, to thank you for reading the SEO tips.
      It’s is a real hustle to manage SEO for higher results and if no time is invested in this area, the chances of reaching a thousand views a day are very low.
      SEO is long term and to boost its performance, one needs to hire an expert to do SEO for them on their site. That’s very right and it happens when you find it hectic and time-consuming to research on keywords.
      And then you will also realise that SEO experts tend to be expensive to hire thus limiting you from getting results that you want.
      It’s really hectic but that’s only hard for blog which are on a premium plan. The WordPress Business plan or WooCommerce have it done for you. You will be able to download and install plugins to your site and you only need to create quality content then WordPress will take control of the SEO part of it but since you are on premium, I recommend you to keep it calm, be consistent and publish regularly. You will realise more traffic coming in undoubtedly.
      I visited your website and it is rich with content good enough to bring in views. However, I observed and found out a few things that need to be corrected because it troubles your site when it comes to SEO. Below are some areas that I checked that need improvement. These errors are not intentional and are easy to pu5 right. They occur as a result of changes in the website activities and settings.
      The page title needs to be shorter than 580 pixels and it’s currently 1437 pixels long. Try to keep it short.

      The domain name is too long and this affects the website’s crawlability since it has no sub-domain.

      •IMAGE SEO
      10 of your images have no alt attributes. The content of is used by search engines so, also add those missing attributes to the images.

      •H1 HEADINGS
      There are too many H1 headings and some of them occur twice on the page(HOME PAGE)

      Some anchor texts are used more than once on the page(HOME PAGE)

      There is actually a lot to be done but these are the main area which I thought would be brought to the rescue first but you can correct them all in just a few minutes otherwise, you have a very nice blog and is so full of really inspirational content.
      I hope to look into your blog once again when I’m able.

      Thank you once again.

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