Email marketing strategy

Does your affiliate website require any marketing technique? Surely it does. In fact it deserves to carry out email marketing. You may want to use other marketing strategies avoiding email. You could be wrong. How can a marketing tool that has existed for decades be left out? Are you aware of the new internet marketing techniques that have taken peoples minds making them to ignore email yet in actual sense they are not very effective?

Well let me tell you a little about it. Email marketing is very popular and for that matter, it beats the SEO technique(search engines) by 15% and social media by 25% since it’s population is approximately 85% that’s already a huge difference to identify it as the number one ranked strategy.

Email marketing actually involves sending commercial messages to a large audience but in most cases, even sending one mesage to one person is email marketing. It is meant to create awareness about what they offer, and lift sales for brands. Bearing in mind that an affiliate website can also bee a brand of it’s own, you can create an email list from the people who subscribe to your website and start with them. At some point, email marketing helps to transform website visitors in to real buyers but if you don’t follow them up, they can never come back to your website you will have lost them forever.

You can use the email marketing strategy to do so many things on your website say winning back customers. Most times when a person purchases a product from your link, they may take long without coming back to your site. This is when you will have to send them a win back message asking them to try out something else that is available on your site and may interest them.

The win back technique is very simple to aply with niche sites. A nitche site allows persons to create and manage their accounts within that particular website as they receive services from it. Should any one having an account with the nitche site take long without openning it, the nitche admin will have to look in to the matter and at the end, will send a win back message to the account owner to remind the of their account. The win back message of course has to contain some attractive information that can really prompt someone to visit the website once again.

This is definitely an option that you should use because henestly, I don’t think it has any pros except it’s costs but even though, how much will it cost you to run one campaign and how much would you benefit from a campaign. You will have impressed so many people, created awareness and generated lots of traffic.

Forget about social media for now if your website is potential and foccus on email marketing. For social media may be costly and surely it may not be a convenient place for some people as they will be required to observe the Facebook, twitter, etc, terms & conditionsol and advertising policies.

So in conclusion, I recommend email marketing as number one for your affiliate business. However, if you can opt for external ad campaigns to boost your website’s traffic, it also works but on a 25% rate remember because email takes 85%.