Hey! everyone, Happy New Year once again I know we are still in January so, the year it still brand new.

I haven’t published anything before, since the year started and if not because I had been a little tied up, may be we would have gone far but I want to extend my sincere gratitude to everybody for making it again to this new level.

Just to say, a word of appreciation and to congratulate Jeonlin Affiliates for achieving 1000 likes and 200 plus follows. Thank you so much Gifted50, elganspo, The Godly Chic Diaries, Brothers Campfire, Sheree, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Affiliate Maestro, Pablo, Internet Marketing, Operation Super Affiliate, Like Internet Marketing.com, Passive64, Vilma, richdailyincomelab, astijake John and many others. I can’t really mention everybody but I’m so greatful for you all.

You are the Giants behind this achievement thank you so much.


One of the most emphasised ways to increase your traffic and engagement is by visiting and commenting on other blogs, publishing regularly, publishing to other blogs as a guest (guest blogging) and visiting forrums. It’s very important to observe these tips and trust me when you do all of them, you will be amazed. It perfectly works for all blog types.

It wasn’t through my own efforts but yours too, that Jeonlin Affiliates has today archived these figures.


In my next post I will be discussing new affiliate marketing programs for 2020 and one of the key factors will be running campaigns.

Thanks for reading this post.


44 thoughts on “A VOTE OF APPRECIATION

  1. Congrats! Thanks for sharing these tips. One of the things I learned when I started blogging that in order to increase my traffic and engagement I needed to get social. It is not enough to publish great content and hope people will find it. I also use social media to promote my blog. I’m currently detoxing from Facebook so the only platform I’m using at this time is Twitter. I also learned that the title is one of the most important parts of your content. Without a compelling title, more than likely your blog post will go unread.

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    • That is very right Kim in fact Facebook is the number one we source of traffic for ordinary people like me because getting it is not so hard but the most disappointing part of it is when my Facebook ads account got blocked, I was so doomed and felt like never to use Facebook again. That gave me a negative impact towards Facebook so, currently, I do rely mainly on YouTube and Twitter. We all hope to go social but at times some factors may limit us.
      Thank you for your piece of advice I really need to go social as it can yield more good results.

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