I can not breathe

‘I can not breathe ‘

‘I can not breathe’

‘I can not breathe’

He finally said it the eleventh time ‘I can not breathe’ and gasped but you never listened to him.

You never listened to his cry because you wanted to silence him.

Medical doctors and nurses came to his rescue, begged you to stop but you did nothing.

You finally took his life that has cost dozens of tears.

We need a change in the way black people are treated. Life is not about black or white in color. It is about loving one another there no need to practice racism.

I thought racism existed those old days because the people of that time were mostly ignorant and never valued life.

It beats my understanding when I see it happening today and I think it feels the same to many. A reason why we see many protestors all over the world.

Racism began in Britain but It is now a norm in the United States of America. You have alternated this name. Maybe we should now call it ‘The Disunited States of America.’

George Floyd’s body is now lying I guess you must be happy seeing his family undergoing pain and distortion.

And from now onwards, somebody is going to grow without a father! Do you realise the impact of what you have done to George Floyd’s family?

You guys deserve to be dead because you don’t value somebody’s life.

Life is so precious and nobody should take anyone’s life for granted. We are all human, created in God’s image and I don’t know where the issue of color comes in to bring about racism.

If you hate black, then stop using this color and let us own it because we are black.

I don’t usually write off-topic posts like this but I do when I feel there is a need to pass this kind of information and express my feeling about something.

As I end the post, I want to say to all racists, you have nowhere to go even if you remained alone in your country. Style up and change your ways.

Killers of George Floyd

Remember you are just humans and don’t have the power to end someone’s life. George is still living only that we can’t not see him.

May his soul rest in peace.

For God and my country.

44 thoughts on “I can not breathe”

  1. Well written words of wisdom. Even I’d written a little something about it. This needs to change right now, because we’re done with simply explaining why the discrimination is wrong. Strict laws are needed.

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      1. I can understand why J. I work with people who die pretty young, around 60 (they’ve had lifetimes of exclusion & poverty). Even though I am prepared for this but it’s still devastating when one of my clients die. But it’s so much worse when people are murdered. I’m so sorry; it sounds so tough for black people in the US… Maybe we can all demand change together?

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              1. I was just reading about how messed up the Paris Liberation was. The UK and US leaders insisted only a white troop be allowed to liberate Paris (even though thousands of black soldiers served France in the war)!!! And there is Macron yesterday saying how fab it all was…

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  2. My brother, this situation has broken my heart once again. Since this has happened I am not 100% myself. I feel suffocated in this world and its evils. So many are standing for the right things, yet so many others see nothing wrong, as if they are not human, have no souls, no mothers, brothers, sons or daughters.
    I love that you labelled the images the murderers because that is exactly what they are.

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    1. Sometimes, I wish I could control the world but then I remember that I am a human being and can’t have the power to do that. Those people think they are perfect in everything but we shall not accept their egos.
      We can not turn back the time otherwise, we could go back to the origins of our ancestors.

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                1. Exactly because, looking at various protestors, most of them do not even care whether they have masked their faces or not. Oh! My God! This means their anger was beyond Corona virus threats.
                  There must be justice in the United States.

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