How I get to promote on social media.

I am kinder buzzy one of these days but at least I spare time to get to write an idea here. So, however much I become so committed, I can never forget to put up something.

If you have to ignoring social media, it is high time you started posting on your accounts. If you haven’t joined any, do so because, you need to connect to your audiences and make your content discoverable.

Now, I am pretty much convinced and you too should be. That in order to generate an income passively online, you need to see these three aspects. The key factors which every online business must observe to leverage the opportunity of having a continuous income flow.

  1. A website
  2. Content
  3. Traffic

These three aspects seriously matter and you can never avoid them. The only option you will have Is to quit if you can not manage these. You need traffic and it can not come without content and also, content can not be without a website huh!

Look! If you are doing affiliate marketing/ making money from home with affiliate marketing, you are one who needs this traffic very much because, for every sale, you will make, there must have been traffic somewhere because you will hardly earn a commission if your traffic level is low.

However, it does not come as much as you would want it. It takes a couple of activities to be done to set up traffic sources especially those which are external. External sources like Facebook, Twiter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram can boost website traffic externally.

All the above sources are social media sites and who does not use social media? It sounds like a toolbox for traffic generation and this is not far from what is real.

When you make the best use of social media sites, building automatically targeted traffic will not be a problem.

Using social media to drive traffic to a website.

You have to produce high-quality content on your website, build both internal and external links to your website to drive outside traffic.

To do this, you will always ensure to proofread and dig back to your old content. Make sure there are no writing typos in your work. Work that is free of typing errors is ideally what ranks on Google so easily with appropriate key phrases.

19 thoughts on “How I get to promote on social media.”

  1. Nice post. I think followers are fun when you create a blog. And so you have a captive audience. But I also think that if you want to earn a passive income with your blog or website. That it is more important that fresh people find your site via Google, Youtube, … So, good SEO for both Google and other platforms is more important. Because then people are looking for something and will leave your site faster if an ad offers what they are looking for. More than 90% of my visitors are fresh people every month.

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    1. Thank you very much, Bruno.
      SEO is truly very what determines where visitors come from to your site. It is good to drop a few articles on every social platform because, with time, they can get to rank and that will be a source of external traffic.

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      1. Yes. Every blog or site is indeed different. So you should indeed see what is important to you. But also keep in mind that not every link to your site is necessarily followed. If there is a nofollow in the html code, then google does not follow that link and therefore does not affect your SEO. Of course, visitors to that other site can come to your site via that link. And also keep in mind if you post a blog instead of a page. Then the google results also include that post date. If someone looks up something on google and there is a site with a date from a few years ago, it is less attractive to follow that link. see here your results at google:

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          1. No problem šŸ™‚ It’s just my vision. It is your blog. So you have to do what you want. But if you decide to do it differently. Then don’t move anything from post to page. Just create new pages. Because if you move your old posts it is not good because there may already be people on this planet who link to those posts. And working with pages is different from working with posts. You have to work out a good tree structure yourself. (like file folders and sub-folders in windows)

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